To all who come to my website, I say good day and welcome!

This internet site is a dedicated sanctuary to logic, truth and justice before the law. If you come to this site with a mystery troubling you and needing solution, then I will give the endeavor my consideration; and if I take on the case, I guarantee you the greatest effort directed by a most brilliant mind and studied method.

How do I go about my cases, you may ask? To which I reply to you simply, the trifles. You see, the capital mistake of the bobby law enforcement is their keenness to theorize before they have all the evidence, for it will lead them astray, blind them to the contradictions and unexplained phenomena that are dismissed as trifles. Yet the consideration of these trifles can eliminate the obvious as impossible such that what remains, however improbable, must be true. This is the principle of deduction; it is the pillar of my work, the maxim of my life, and the object of any case I commit myself to.

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